Experienced Home Inspectors

Who We Are

We have 30 years in the Electrical field, 10 years in the Construction industry, and 6 years in the Environmental and Safety compliance environment. Because of this, we are the number one choice for all your home inspection needs. We have performed surveillances and inspections of facilities, systems, and programs ensuring compliance with state federal and local laws and regulations regarding Operational, Safety and Environmental concerns. we have an eye for the obvious and a nose for the hidden utilizing the most advanced tools in the industry.

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Does your home have hard to reach spots?

We Can Handle It.

If your crawl space to small to get in, our Professional Inspectors have a drone with HD video and photos that can fit into non accessible crawl spaces as low as 8 inches. Don’t have a home inspection without the crawl space being looked at closely, you never know what’s under there. If your roof is unable to be walked on for safety or other concerns, metal, ceramic tile or otherwise, we use the drone to get the job done. Don’t have a home inspection without it being looked at closely. You never know what you may find.

Sample Reports and Videos

electronic reports

At A Better Look Home Inspections, we pride ourselves in providing absolutely everything our clients need after their home inspections. From detailed electronic reports to recommendations and priorities on repairs your home might need. We also provide extensive warranties after completing a full inspection of your home! Click the buttons to see what a report from us would look like.

The Evolution of a

Crawl Space Crawler